Avengers Endgame – My Experience As A Hearing and Visually Impaired Person

*This post is solely based on my views and experience*

Last night, Thursday 25th April, at 7pm… It was an experience that Ewan and I will never ever forget.

We went to watch Avengers Endgame at our local cinema.

I was anxious as this was going to be the first time I would watch a film, on the big screen, since becoming visually impaired – I did watch Captain America Civil War when it was released in the cinema after I started having hearing difficulties, so I accepted that I wouldn’t know what would be said in Endgame.

Ewan had already seen the epic, at the midnight screening, so this was going to be the second time within 24 hours of watching it!

We knew it was a little over 3 hours so, again, this made me anxious as I’ve never sat in one position in my wheelchair for that long. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to go to the toilet because it takes a good 10 minutes or more with Ewan helping me. And I did not want to miss a single second of Endgame!

As we entered the screen, the trailers had already begun. I didn’t care as I was just there to watch Avengers Endgame and savoured each second that I didn’t need a wee so the sooner the film started, the better!

The certificate appeared and I could see the title! Thanks to my peripheral vision, I did have a lump in my throat!

Ewan shook my leg with excitement!

Ohhhhh, I wish I could talk about the film but I can’t as I do not want to spoil anything for you guys!

But…. OH MY GOD!!!!

Anyway, before I get distracted with reminiscing about the 3 hours of sheer perfection, a masterpiece…. No, stop it, Ami! *slaps myself*

Back on topic…. but…. no! ARGH!

I promise to calm down now… I’m still so excited and I cannot contain it any longer! Writing this is a lot harder than I thought it would be!

I’ve lost my train of thought now… I just have no words. Nobody does.

I had to keep looking away for a short while as the speed of scenes and flashing didn’t agree with my eyes and I was worried it would make me feel a bit sick. However, I got to a point of the film where I thought, “Fuck it!” I could not take my eyes off what was happening right in front of me!

Yes, it gave me a bad headache and made my butt hurt…. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!

Go and see it, you have to, you must! It will be the best 3 hours of your entire life, I promise you!

Argh! I need to go and see it again!

Head over to my YouTube channel to watch our reaction!


Author: Ami

Hello! I'm Ami, I'm 27 and a multiple-niche blogger from Norfolk. I share my experiences as a disabled mum, my ongoing recovery after a 9-month hospital and rehabilitation stay and raising awareness. You can find me fangirling over Loki/Tom Hiddleston and catching up on all things Marvel.

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