July Round-Up

Officially into the second half of 2019! Where is this year going?!

Max & Molly Turned 8!


It was Max and Molly’s birthday on the 1st of July and are now 8! As always, they got lots of squeaky toys and extra cuddles and kisses. But Molly always steals the balls, even if she already has one, she wants the one that Max has!

Molly – Bloody poser!

The Reality of…

Gerry talks openly about his alcohol addiction, and the challenges he has faced with his mental health, in The Reality of Diabetes, Amputation, Depression & Anxiety.

Currently confined to a wheelchair, obviously life is a challenge right now, a challenge I readily accept. I now spend my time advocating for those with disabilities and the safety of our citizens overall. I have an opportunity to leave a better footprint and legacy and maybe, just maybe leave this planet in better shape than how I found it.

I Spoke Up!

If I’m being honest, physio hasn’t been good lately, I haven’t been to many sessions as I really don’t like how the sessions were going. My original physiotherapist had to have some time off, so I was allocated a temporary one until my original PT came back.

I’ve only had 3 sessions with the temporary one because well, she’s not like the originals. She kept beckoning to bring my foot forward and anybody who has Ataxia knows that you have to do things slowly otherwise you’re at risk of falling. I constantly felt like I was being rushed and it really got me down.

The last session I had with the temporary PT, I’d had enough. I told her what she needed to do different and god it felt so good to say what had been irritating me!

*Update – I’m due to see my original physiotherapist in August! Yay!

Respect My Privacy!

Another little annoyance, well big to me! It came to light that people knew about certain things at home. Nothing bad, just a lack of something which I don’t feel comfortable in sharing with others yet. And I have not seen or spoke to these people since being discharged from rehab.

They claim to be helpimg, when they’re actually not, they are just being nosey and it drives me up the flippin’ wall! Plus, another thing, it seems to be OK for others to ask about why I choose certain things but if the tables were turned then all hell would break lose! One rule for one, one for another. I don’t think so!

I Tried on My Wedding Dress Again!

I tried on my wedding dress Andrew weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was my muffin top! I’ve put on 1kg since my sister and Mum bought my wedding dress for me. Is 1kg a lot? I was disheartened by this and convinced myself that I’m just going to look horrible!

I reached out to others to see if they had felt and though the same as me when they tried on their dress. Thankfully, I was not the only one. Phew!

Still no pictures I’m afraid, not long to go now!

I Was Nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award!

Suzi, from My Colourful Life, kindly nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Award! This is my 2nd nomination for this award! Thanks again Suzi!

Coming to Terms with My Disability and How I Maintain A Positive Mindset

Over on Twitter, I’ve been making somen good friends, one of them being the lovely Victoria! We got talking about UndercoverSuperhero and I asked if there was anything that she would like to read about on my blog. Victoria suggested tips on how to keep positivity going, ergo Coming To Terms With My Disability and How I Maintain A Positive Mindset


Yes, indeedy! A few weeks ago, I had my first experience with a photoshoot! It was incredibly weird to have a camera follow you everywhere but the guys were absolutely lovely! Ewan, Max & Molly got some photos too! I will let you know more about the reason behind the photoshoot hopefully soon!

The Reality of…

Amanda tells us how she has developed a positive mindset, whilst managing her symptoms, in The Reality of Scoliosis & Degenerative Disc Disease

“I think of my disease as if I’m standing on a cliff. Yes, I’m in a precarious spot, but I have a choice of looking up to the rising sun or looking down into the depths of the rift below.”

Giving Notice of Marriage (Well… Trying)

On the 11th, Ewan and I went to our local registry office to give our notice of marriage. It was accessible so there were no issues in that aspect. I had already stated on the forum about my hearing difficulties and upon entering the room, Ewan reiterated this along with how best to communicate with me, to the woman.

She asked Ewan if I am able to communicate by sign language. To which he replied “No”. That was it, she didn’t even bother trying to speak slowly and clearly. Whenever it was my turn to answer a question, she would speak to Ewan and not even make eye-contact with me.

My blood was boiling.

On top of it all, I bought the smaller version of my birth certificate, whereas I needed my FULL birth certificate. So, the woman made us another appointment for the 25th.

I couldn’t wait to leave. As we got back to the car, I was in tears. Ewan comforted me and then a nosey passer-by walked over to us and asked Ewan what the matter was! How I didn’t snap I don’t know! She kept staring at me waiting to be told why I was crying.

I. Hate. Nosey. People!

Eventually she buggered off because she didn’t get an answer.

A Cherished Moment

As most of you know, I have hearing difficulties so knowing I may never be able to hear my nieces and nephews say my name is heartbreaking. One morning, I saw one of my youngest nieces and she loves me! I gave her a cuddle and a kiss before she went home.

Fortunately, my tinnitus wasn’t playing up so when she said my name, I HEARD IT! She said it so perfectly, slowly and clearly. Proper made me happy!!

The Reality of…

Elysia gives us an insight, into the symptoms that she experiences, in The Reality of Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome.

Now, while this condition isn’t life threatening or dangerous, it is not nice for women who have it. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the symptoms and what they mean for me but I do still struggle.

My Wedding Shoes Arrived!

Trying to find shoes which will go with my wedding dress has been an absolute nightmare! I had spent months searching for the perfect shoes.

Originally, I wanted green, a dark emerald colour but most people kept mocking me for it and I got fed up with them in the end so had to choose a different colour. On eBay, I endlessly searched until I find these beauties!

Pale Gold Vans! Exactly my size and they were a bargain too! I love Vans but I need Vans as they are the only brand of shoes I can safely walk in.

I Reached A Personal Goal!

With the Superhero Tri approaching, I’ve been wanting to practise wheeling myself where a longer distance is involved. Perfect opportunity was ASDA in Norwich – very big, lots of turns and a good distance to try.

And I did it! I wheeled myself round the entire store and it took me over an hour – to be fair I did spend quite a bit of time looking at the clothes! But still, it’s the longest distance I’ve ever done and it was a huge achievement for me!

I Was Nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award!

My good friend, Charlotte from Time To Talk, nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award making this my 3rd nomination for this award! Thank you as always Charlotte!

I’ve Been Nominated For The Sunshine Blogger Award Again!

I was nominated, Philippa Barraclough nominated me for the award. Thank you so much ladies, it means the absolute world to me!

The Reality of…

Hannah tells us the stigma that she dealt with, before receiving a diagnosis, in The Reality of Chronic Migraines.

“The symptoms weren’t the classic ones you might expect, so of course it was just me being weak. “It’s just a headache” and “You don’t look sick” became phrases I’d hear all too regularly.”

The Reality of…

Nikki openly tells us how her illnesses have had, on both her physical health and mental health, in The Reality of Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, CFS, Depression, IBS & Hypertension.

I used to be confident, Intelligent, happy, have a fair few close friendships, I loved working, spending time with my family. Now I am a shut In, I communicate predominantly over the internet with a couple of friends,

I Tried on My New Teeth!

Yes, you read correctly! In previous monthly round-ups I have talked about my round of treatment with my dentist, which has included 2 fillings and 4 extractions. So, this appointment allowed me to try on my new set of dentures – and it felt really bizarre!

I’ve hated my smile, always have done – I will explain why in a future post. Looking into a mirror and seeing my front teeth…it was like I was looking at a completely different person!

I only could look in the mirror for a few seconds before the dentist tried letting go of them to see if they would stick in place…but they didn’t because the place that made them didn’t attach something that would enable it to stick to the roof of my mouth.

One more appointment to go and then I will be able to smile properly!

So… This Happened!

2 months ago, I shared with you that UndercoverSuperhero had reached 100 followers, which I cried at because I couldn’t quite believe it! Now? UndercoverSuperhero has over 200 followers! And I’m still in shock about it!

I’m speechless, I can’t put into words how much every single one of you means to me. I was always made to believe that I was boring, I’m not funny. But now over 200 of you superheroes like what I have to say? That’s just crazy…but a good appreciative kind of crazy!

Since I ‘The Reality of…’ series began, more and more people have joined us on our journey. So, to those who have taken part in the series and those who would like to take part, thank you for raising awareness. You all are making a difference!

I Was Nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award… Again!

Megan, from A Geeky Gal, nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award, making this my 7th nomination for this award! thank you so so much Megan!

At Last!

Our rescheduled appointment for giving notice of marriage quickly came around and after the first attempt, I was dreading it. We arrived a bit too early, it was Thursday market so we wanted to make sure we got a parking space, which we did.

We sat waiting for what seemed like forever. a couple went in before us as they were registering their baby’s birth. I sat in silence hoping that this appointment would be more successful than the last time.

The couple left a while later and a man approached us asking us to go into the room. Ewan took off my foot-plates so I could sit closer to the desk which would hopefully make communication easier between me and the man who we had our appointment with.

It’s a force of habit now, that whenever I’m around someone new, either Ewan or Mum mention my hearing difficulties. Then either would go on to say how best to communicate with me.

As the man started speaking, I was taken aback.. .he listened to my communication needs and took them on board. I’m so used to everybody being ignorant and continue to talk at their own pace!

He spoke so slowly and clearly, albeit I misheard some words, but I answered most of the questions with little help! He really made me feel included and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect appointment!

So now, we have finally given our notice of marriage!

The Reality of…

Jim tells us about the difficulties he faced growing up, with a vision impairment, in The reality of Vision Loss, Anxiety, PTSD & Depression.

I wasn’t well-equipped, to explain my form of blindness that is left with some residual vision allowing me to do some things in a semi-normal way and some things I could only do using alternative techniques and assistive technology. So, adjustment to college life was a bit difficult.”

A Beautiful Visitor

Last Friday, I was on my tablet, as usual, when Max rushed over and was fixated at the window. I thought a wasp or bee had flown in so I slowly pulled back the curtain to find this little beauty!

I adore butterflies and this one was quite energetic! I was captivated with it, watching it open and close its wings.

It really made my day and distracted me for a good half hour!

I Never Expected I Would Do This…

When UndercoverSuperhero began, I stored each email notifying me when I received a new like, comment and follower. I never thought my blog would grow, so I saved the emails which made me appreciate every single one.

But when I reached over 200 followers, it made me wonder how many emails I had saved, then I noticed my storage being close to full. It was a really tough decision but I had to delete all the email notifications I had received, I still and always will appreciate every like, comment and follower!

But deleting them emails made me realise that people like my blog and perhaps even me… so I decided it was time to delete them and accept that I am a good blogger and writer!

I Was Nominated for The Liebster Award

Leo, from The Anxious history Teacher, nominated me for The Liebster Award making this my 1st nomination for this award! Thank you so much Leo, you awesome human being!

The Reality of…

Elin shares with us, the challenges she faces and how she perceives her vision impairment, in The Reality of Retinitis Pigmentosa & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I’m a really positive person but despite that positivity, I’ve had to overcome a lot of challenges in my life, a lot of which have been caused because of my disability and chronic illness. I’ve learned to accept my disabilities in the last few years and part of that acceptance is thanks to strength I’ve gained and the amazing people I’ve met through blogging.

I’ve Been Nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award… Again!

Jazz, from Another Bipolar Blogger, nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award making this my 4th nomination for this award! Thank you so much my lovely!

Introducing Our Wedding Party

This has been a blog post waiting to be published for quite some time so I’m really excited to finally share it with you all! Check out our wedding party and find out more about our theme!

What a month! Overall, July has been a busy, more wedding-focused, a couple of happy moments, with a few frustrations and annoyances kind of month!

What’s Happening in August?

More bloggers and readers take part in ‘The Reality of…’ series – I’ve increased the series to having 2 posts per week – every Monday at 9am and ever Thursday at 3pm – the series is ongoing so if you would like to take part, please get in contact!

What else? I have a few exciting announcements to make! I finally get my new set of teeth and then we take on the Superhero Tri! Expect more wedding related posts too!

What do you have planned in August? Let me know in the comments!

Author: Ami

Hey fellow superheroes! I'm Ami, I'm 24 and I live in Norfolk, UK. On my blog, UndercoverSuperhero, I openly talk about my recovery journey which stemmed from being in hospital and a specialist neurological rehabilitation centre for 9 months. I talk about how I maintain a positive mindset whilst coming to terms with my disability. I love superheroes, so much so that my partner and I are having a superhero themed wedding! I generally like to talk about anything and everything on my blog, I also have an ongoing series called "The Reality of..." which allows readers and bloggers to raise awareness of the disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, impairments, that they live with as it is so important to raise awareness! Everybody has a voice! 💚

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