March Round-Up

I knew the beginning of March, 2019 would be an emotional one as it was the first anniversary of when I became critically ill.

Luke Sam Sowden, a lifestyle blogger who is severely visually impaired praised my blog and my writing, alongside 4 other incredible bloggers, in his post, Shine The Spotlight March 2019.

I found out during the morning of the anniversary and I’m not going to lie, I cried! Thinking back to 1 year ago, I was unconscious, but I thought I was asleep, no clue as to how my life would be turned upside down when I woke up. Fast forward to now, being praised – it was very overwhelming and really made me happy, thank you again Luke!

Tinka, a beautiful lifestyle blogger at Little Tinkablee, has been raising awareness about bullying by giving others the chance to share their experiences, you can check out my guest post – Different Shades of Bullying.

I wrote a poem, Conscience for Anne or better known as Emah Purple who is a unique blogger and shares lots of captivating musings!

Who Said She Said is an online blog community sharing engaging content written by women, I was excited to write the first guest post which you can check here, Adulthood – Has it lived up to our expectations?

A trip to the dentist sparked my inspiration for this post, Fear – Is it worth the anxiety? It really did give me a whole new perspective on fear.

Jess, a remarkable blogger at Just Call Me Jess writes about a variety of topics from mental health to motivation. I wrote a guest post for her about Mental Health and Social Media – The Good Side

Do check out the incredible bloggers I have mentioned in this post!

Let’s see what April brings!

Author: Ami

Hello! I'm Ami, I'm 27 and a multiple-niche blogger from Norfolk. I share my experiences as a disabled mum, my ongoing recovery after a 9-month hospital and rehabilitation stay and raising awareness. You can find me fangirling over Loki/Tom Hiddleston and catching up on all things Marvel.

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